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I actually am living (and have been for my entire life) in Bangkok, Thailand, which is not just any Asian country, but what I would consider to be one of the most plentiful in terms of fruit and food (obviously, I’m highly biased). I definitely always use fresh fruit because with the amount of fruit being sold on the streets there is simply no point using canned fruit (to the point where I find I rarely shop in supermarkets even - wet markets are the way to go!). Thank you! 

This is such a wonderful message, and it really is very much appreciated by this blog. I’ll be moving to America next month so expect my fruit love to be finally transferred to western fruit!

Hi anon! As a foodie myself I don’t think you should focus on instant weight loss because eating delicious healthy food is a more long term method to achieve weight loss since it leads to an actual change in lifestyle. If you’re seriously aiming for quick weight loss working out is an important thing, but here are a few tips for eating right.

Foods to add to your diet: Sweet potato, pumpkin or yam as a substitute for rice or bread as a staple carbohydrate/ quinoa as a substitute carb and protein/ mushrooms,tofu or beans as a substitute main protein, and low calorie density (but high nutrition) vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, broccoli and beets.

Fruit to add to your diet: High fibre/low sugar/low calorie fruits such as pineapples, apples, pears and any type of berry. Watery fruits such as watermelon, oranges and canteloupe are a good diet addition, and fruit should be eaten before meals (so your stomach can better absorb the nutrients, and so they can fill you up if you need to eat less)

Tips for eating out: Drink a lot of water, and order a soup for a starter. My eating out tips vary from cuisine to cuisine (e.g. with Japanese I recommend sashimi over sushi, and always substitute Zaru Soba for white rice, or with French I recommend choosing the fish and tartare and always avoiding duck confit) so do drop me a message if you want me to get more specific.

General reminder though: take these only as tips, not as guidelines by which to live. Weight loss shouldn’t come from too harsh a lifestyle change because it will affect your health, and do everything in moderation.

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